Unusual birthday gifts for a girlfriend


Bright memories are much more valuable than any, even the most expensive thing. So think what impression you could give. The range of ideas begins with a ticket to the theater or a concert and ends with a joint trip to a distant country. Flying in a balloon, hang-glider or in an aerotube, parachute jump, a trip to an amusement park or a walk on the roofs – some of this will definitely please most birthday girls.

Education and development

Another immaterial, but very valuable gift. Almost any modern girl will be glad to get new knowledge in the field of interest to her. A gift, depending on preferences, may be a paid course in photography, an online lecture on art at a top university, or a make-up course. Even just a good book on an important topic for a birthday girl would be a lot better to give than a teddy bear.


A good gadget is a universal gift for representatives of any gender. The main thing is to decide what can be required by a specific person. New smartphone, tablet, e-book? Or a camera, a projector? Or maybe it is an external battery or headphones? If you make the right choice, then for a long time you will hear thanks in your address.

Hobby related items

We are talking about those hobbies that the girl already has. For example, the artist will definitely be happy to receive a set of high-quality pencils or pastels, and a sports fan will appreciate a thematic accessory or inventory. A set for scrapbooking, knitting needles and thread, as well as charming cake cutters can fly into the wall if it turns out that the girl is interested in, for example, blacksmithing.


This, in principle, may include all of the above points. With only one amendment: you know for sure that a girl has been dreaming about this thing or this event for a long time.  How to find out about the dream? Listen to the girl and remember her desires. Or ask her friends and relatives. In the end, she herself. Even if you donate something without surprise that the birthday girl has been dreaming about for a long time, she will still be happy.

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