Old collection Nike Mercurial superfly IV review

The Mercurial Superfly IV looks revolutionary against the backdrop of the old collection traditional football shoes, but what exactly does affect the style of the game? Anyone who watched the World Cup in Brazil? Noticed that these bright boots on the feet of many football players. Today we will try to make out in detail in the technologies and materials of these boots.

Unique appearance and a flexible collar for the ankle, making shoes more difficult to remove and put on, but they are much better fixed on the leg. The ankles are tightly wrapped around the boots, preventing the foot from moving inside the boots, this is a fundamentally new approach to football shoes.

The combination of the flyknit material with the tight-fitting collar implies a tight fit on the leg, no other boots have this, but you quickly get used to such sensations. The collar does not interfere with the natural movements of the ankle, allowing you to play absolutely comfortable.


Flyknit – the revolutionary technology is used in the upper part and provides at the same time both rigidity and comfortable fit. The same technology was first introduced by Nike in an extremely successful running shoe and since then has smoothly spread to all other sports. Flyknit significantly reduces the weight of areas of the shoe in which it is used, primarily due to the fact that they become thinner due to the knitted structure.

Carbon outsole – the outsole has both light weight and tough support, it has improved grip and stability when changing direction. The situation with broken spikes on the previous Mercurial model has been worked out – two additional spikes on the heel have been added.

Flexible collar – this is the most discussed innovation in these boots. It is important to understand that this is not a designer “trick”, but a real development aimed at increasing comfort and protection. The unique technology allows you to make a seamless connection between the foot and foot. Feelings are indescribable and comparable with nothing.

Final Thoughts on Mercurial Superfly IV

While the boot shape is rather narrow, Flyknit offers tight flexibility, making boots suitable for any shape of the foot. The top of the boot is super-thin and touching the ball is felt as if it were your second skin.

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